Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Alun's Diary - Lockerbie

TUESDAY 23RD APRIL              06.21
I had a major problem yesterday morning, cold and with howling winds I began to struggle and was unable to make headway.  Rain was just becoming an additional problem.  I recognised that my core temp was beginning to drop, got to Lockerbie and jumped on a train to Edinburgh.  I recovered within an hour of getting into the warm waiting room and was able to cycle with energy when the train arrived at Haymarket.

My provisional plan is to try to book onto a train back to Lockerbie tomorrow morning and cycle on.  I will use today to accumulate cycling gear which is more appropriate for the conditions.  Yesterday had temps of about 3 deg and a massive wind chill and I was equipped for a daytime average above 10 deg.

On a positive note I now have access to a desktop and have a new Just Giving page, Alun-Clement-2013.  With Rhys’s help I have managed to put two basic illustrations and will add some text today.

TUESDAY 23RD APRIL              21.18
Plan B is now in action.  I take the train back to Lockerbie arriving at 11 am tomorrow and continue with the ride.  Eileen has offered to drive up to Scotland and support me through the highlands.  I now have cold weather cycling gear which I bought from Evans Cycling store in Edinburgh.

Encountered one additional problem after all bike shops had closed.  I have a rear wheel spoke breakage.  I have borrowed a rear wheel from Rhys, changed over the cassette in fading light and hope the tyre holds out as it doesn't have the level of puncture protection that my Gatorskins have.  It was getting late and swopping the tyre onto Rhys' wheel was a step too far.  I have a spare tyre and two inner tubes with me but I hope not to have to deal with a puncture in the cold and wet and with heavy panniers but if I have to I will.  If I can ride through the highlands bruised and in pain, as I did last time, I can put up with these irritations and smile.  I needed a challenge and now I've got one.

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