Sunday, 11 March 2012

It's too Hot!

Thank god the weekend is over. Have run 6 miles yesterday and 15 miles today. Yesterday's run i had loads of energy and sleep and did a good time. Today's run not so good, I had forgotten to take water with me and the weather was great for a run, only if you had lovely cold water and to top it all it was really hot. In the end had to improvise and drink from a stream up in the Afan forest, let's just hope that no dogs have decided to do the deed in there. Anyway probably won't be able to walk tomorrow. Only 6 weeks left until the Marathon and getting really nervous to think that I had only completed half way today and the thought of having to do the run I did today twice just makes me shiver. So please everyone show your support for a great cause and donate even if it's only a £1 every penny will help to motivate me to get around the course Lesa

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