Friday, 9 March 2012

Thank God It's The Weekend

Thank god it is the weekend, work been absolutely manic this week and the thought of running has not been at the forefront of my mind, but have been pushing myself out the door to complete my lovely running plan, of course my head keeps nagging me saying YOU MUST RUN, YOU MUST RUN!!!!.  Well have just come back from a 4 mile run with my dog Simba, who at the end was trying to keep up with me, which gives me some hope that I am hopefully going to finish the marathon under 6 hours.

Planning my weekend running, with 6 miles tomorrow and the trepidation of running 15 miles on Sunday, will I make it alive or will I run it like Sebastian Coe or maybe just maybe Usain Bolt hmmm I can dream. 

Anyway, so many times when I’m on the roads and running cross country, I’m changing speeds constantly due to my random ipod ‘running’ play list. As soon as a bit of David Guetta comes on, I’m off like a Whippet!!

I keep saying over and over keep eating carbohydrates to build up for Sunday, so have been eating plenty of pasta, rice and potatoes yum yum, see there is a light at the end of the tunnel to eat whatever you like and not put on any weight - why didnt I think of this plan before.

Sponsorship form has been resigned by the lovely Rhian, so no excuse everyone not to sponsor me, you can also sponsor on any amount of money will help.

Ok, signing off now, have a great weekend everyone.


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