Saturday, 24 March 2012

Too Early

Well what a week it's been absolutely manic in work which has affected my running with tiredness and no energy, but have still gone running with the occasional moan OK OK frequent moan!!!. 

Was up at the crack of dawn this morning 6am I MUST BE MAD!!! to go for an early run as got a busy day ahead, it is the perfect weather for a run it wasn't too warm and a light breeze in the air, it was also fab to see the foxes and squirrels running around.  I also need to start preparing for early morning runs leading up to the marathon.

Not looking forward to tomorrow with a 22 mile run ahead could think of better things to do on a lovely Sunday morning, but hey it will be worth it in the end, no doubt I won't be able to move on Monday with my backside pulsating with every step.

Looking to do a press release in the South Wales Evening Post next week with Melanie Davies (TREAT Founder) to promote TREAT Trust Wales  and to ask people to sponsor so keep an eye out.

22 miles is a long way to run and may the running gods be with me.

Please please please show your support by donating, every penny will help.


Lesa x

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